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Star Gazing :iconviolet-the-cat:Violet-The-Cat 6 0 Clingy :iconviolet-the-cat:Violet-The-Cat 12 0 Sparkles* :iconviolet-the-cat:Violet-The-Cat 4 0 Xephos: Secretive and Somewhat Insane :iconviolet-the-cat:Violet-The-Cat 8 0 Xephos: Kind but Battle-Scarred :iconviolet-the-cat:Violet-The-Cat 6 0 Xephos: Young and Carefree :iconviolet-the-cat:Violet-The-Cat 6 0 Cute Glowy Space Boys :iconviolet-the-cat:Violet-The-Cat 14 10 Happy Birthday Jack! :iconviolet-the-cat:Violet-The-Cat 24 4 Xephos :iconviolet-the-cat:Violet-The-Cat 12 0 Happy Jack :iconviolet-the-cat:Violet-The-Cat 30 0
First Christmas
Warnings: None
Pairings: Referemced Past Xephos/William Strife
Included Characters: Xephos, Lalna, Honeydew
Word Count: 3,663
Xephos is still adjusting to the oddities of this strange new world. And the holiday season doesn't make it any easier.
It is a truely wonderful thing though.
Xephos hadn't really wanted to get up that morning. He'd woken quite late, though that was fairly common at the time, still feeling drowsy despite sleeping quite well. He had been on Minecraftia for just over six months now- or at least, that's what his friends said. But he was certain that he was still jet-lagged in some sense. Lumi's days and nights were so much longer than on Minecraftia's, and it was proving difficult to adjust too. Not only that, but he was still recovering from a less than pleasant bout of illness as his immune system figured out what was going on. Which really hadn't been fun in the slightest.
When Xephos woke, his room was
:iconviolet-the-cat:Violet-The-Cat 4 0
Don't Cry, Jack. :iconviolet-the-cat:Violet-The-Cat 60 4 Smol Parv and Will :iconviolet-the-cat:Violet-The-Cat 6 2 Seasonal Changes :iconviolet-the-cat:Violet-The-Cat 11 0 Different Clothes for the Spaceman :iconviolet-the-cat:Violet-The-Cat 11 0 Lil' Xeph :iconviolet-the-cat:Violet-The-Cat 19 4
My art and stories aren't great. And there's hundreds of people out there who are better than me. But its nice to know what people think and receive tips.

My gallery contains crappy fanfiction, dodgy drawings and semi-decent digital art. Feel free to take a look and what not. :)


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Holiday by Green Day Remake
Holiday song by Green Day Remake
Deadlox: Hear the sound of the falling rain, comeing down like an armaggedden flame. The shame, The ones who died without a name!
Hear the dogs howling out of key, to a hymn called faith and misary, and bleed, the company that lost the war today!
I beg to dream and differ from the hollow lies, this is the dawning of the rest of our lifes, on holiday!
AntVenom: Hear the drums pounding out of time, another protester has crossed the line, to find, the moneys on the other side!
Can a get another amen?
Sky: A flag wrapped around a score of men.
AntVenom: A gag, a plastic bag on a monumaent!
I beg to dream and differ from the hollow lies, this is the dawning of the rest of our lifes, on holiday!
Enderlox: Sleg hail to the president dragon! Bombs away is your punishment! Take away the Eiffel towers! Your hateing the goverment!
Bang bang goes the broken glass and, kill all the guys who don't agree! Trails by fire setting fire, isen't the way that's ment for me!
:icontails-fangirl:tails-fangirl 1 12
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Artist | Student | Varied
United Kingdom
Hello I'm Violet-the-Cat. But you can just call me Violet. :)

They/Them pronouns by poppliio

Most of what I make at the moment is Yogscast fanart and fanfiction. So that's basically all you're gonna see at the moment.

There's not much you need to know about me, other than I'm an obsessive Yognau(gh)t, Whovian and Eleven, among other things. I'm very slow to get things done but it does usually happen eventually.

Feel free to come and chat to me whenever you like. I'm always up for making new friends :)

Yogscast requests are always open so head over to my Tumblr and send one in :) >>
I'm also on Twitter from time to time, so come say hi over there too >> @ Violet_Fire_Cat
Oh and I also post my fanfics onto AO3 as well, so you can check them out over there :) >>…

ID picture made by opens-up-4-nobody on Tumblr


Star Gazing

Just something random that I decided to colour, just these boys watching the stars :3c

Also, have never actually posted a drawing of Honeydew, so there’s that too o.o
Mostly because I can never get his anatomy right but in this styling it’s a bit easier ><

I dunno, random doodle of Parv being clingy and annoying, and Strife doesn't quite know how to react.
Just a random thing, quick colours and no shading 'cos I'm lazy ><
I like drawing with this styling, it's cute and good fun, I should use it more often :D
A small Sparkles* since it's his birthday today. Just a quick thing I threw together in an hour, pretty happy with it really. It's rather cute if nothing else :3
Xephos: Secretive and Somewhat Insane
So, I drew three portraits of Xeph just as practice doodles, but I rather liked them so I ended up colouring them. This is the last one.
Everyone has their secrets. Here's an older Xephos who has long since become somewhat obsessed with his work at Yoglabs. It's all kept hidden though, and he doesn't discuss it with anybody outside of those walls. It's not hard to tell when he's spending a lot of time there though, as he often ends up more hot-headed than usual, and you'll find fresh blood stains on his clothes more often than not. Ruby red eyes are something to avoid, and even Honeydew is wary of talking to Xephos when his eyes shift to that deep and unpleasant colour, mostly worrying that something very small will set him off and he'll end up hurting somebody, or himself. Behind the- unusual happenings, at Yoglabs, Xephos is still the same as he ever was, kind and funny and smart. But he's a very dangerous man, now more than ever

Others in the set-
Young and Carefree
Kind but Battle-Scarred
Secretive and Somewhat Insane ~You're here!!~
Xephos: Kind but Battle-Scarred
So, I drew three portraits of Xeph just as practice doodles, but I rather liked them so I ended up colouring them. This is the second one.
Here we have an older Xephos, scarred from so many years of living on Minecraftia, and all the adventures he's been on. But still kind and friendly, if not a bit hot-headed and stubborn. He's not as trusting as he used to be, and is generally much more cautious around new people, but once he's opened up, he's a good friend, who likes nothing more than to spend time with those he cares about. He's long since accepted that he'll probably never see his home planet again. But truthfully, he doesn't really care. Minecraftia is his home now, he doesn't want to leave. The only thing he really misses is Strife- or at least, he did, until the other Lumian showed up on Minecraftia as well. Needless to say, it was a wonderful, if not tearful reunuion, that left them both very happy. Despite his smile though, Xephos does have his secrets, that are, perhaps, a lot more bizzare than one might expect.

Just another cute thing that I ended up colouring, one more of these to upload and then I can move onto something else :P

Others in the set-
Young and Carefree
Kind but Battle-Scarred ~You're here!!~
Secretive and Somewhat


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